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Unique Competence in Multi-Material Lightweight Design.

Lightweight & AI

Dream Team "Lightweight" and "Digital Transformation"

Dare Changes - Digitization as a Chance

No intelligent multi-material lightweight design without digitization. Particularly lightweight solutions have always demanded for a thoroughly computer aided design process and numerical simulation methods very intensively along the whole value added chain, in order to extract the best possible out of replacing solutions. This  strikes all levels of the product design process, the company organaization, up to the commercialization:

  • Customer/Business Model

  • Component/Function

  • Development

  • Manufacturing

  • Delivery Chain

  • Recirculation/Recycling

  • Management/Organization.

Plastics and especially high performance composites also offer almost ideal conditions for sensor integration due to their layered  composition.

Digitization and artificial intelligence (AI) in lightweight design have always played an important role with respect to component/function, design and manufacturing. This is founded on the typical tasks of a substitution process: Only if new solutions really show provable advantages, they could have what it takes to  successfully replace a "Running System". So it is self-evident  to provide proof of such advantages by means of most modern simulation techniques up to a "Digital Twin" at a very early stage of developmet, already.

"Trial and Error" was Yesterday

Thus, functional integration, structural and process simulation, digital twin, automated manufacturing and also Industry 4.0 are no  foreign words for us, but well known elements of digitization, where we can actively support you.

By digitization and artificial intelligence (AI), products can be developed quicker and launched much earlier to the market. This is a crucial added value for you, which comprises a huge potential.

Product design involving AI starts with the thinking process for new digital business models already. And also here, INTELLIGHT® can provide you with comprehensive support.

Integration of Lightweight Product Design into a Digital Transformation Process

We believe that it is no coincidence when customers, who are looking for changes in terms of intelligent lightweight solutions with involving new materials and new manufacturing technologies often make efforts to also make progress in "Digital Transformation". Both efforts, introducing lightweight solutions and digital transformation, have the same ambition: to improve things.

Thus, together with highly specialized partners, INTELLIGHT® supports you  with the integration of lightweight design activities into your individual digital transformation process.

We always consider your very branch specific boundary conditions, e.g. in mechanical and apparatus engineering. We here stand for close to reality and implementation oriented sulutions: Doing what is feasible, with actively involving your staff members.

Our contribution in the advisory board of the

Performance Center



​​at the Fraunhofer Center for Techno Mathematics and Mathematical Economics ITWM in Kaiserslautern, Germany, emphasizes our demand to be one of the leading companies in thinking and realizing digital innovations in the field of plastics and multi-material lightweight design.

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