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Unique Competence in Multi-Material Lightweight Design.


THE Full Service Specialist - from Idea to Series Production

INTELLIGHT® is THE full-service specialist for multi-material lightweight solutions in plastic, composite and hybrid design: we support you competently, reliably and engaged - from idea up to series production:

Independent, systematic and transparent.

As highly secialized consulting, development and implementation service company, we offer unique know-how out of more than 20 years of experience wth the identification, development and implementation of plastics and multi-material lightweight design solutions in almost any industrial branch.

To introduce our expertise, to develop methodically and to successfully implement components: these are our strengths we support you with. So we reliably cover the whole product formation process from idea to series product.




  • Analyses of Feasibility

  • Potential Analysis for the Substitution of Existing Solutions

  • Brainstorming

  • Material and Technology Evaluation

  • Project Management

  • Business Development

  • Trainings, Seminars

  • Lightweight & AI


  • Thoroughly Computer-Aided Design

  • Numerical Simulation

  • Digitalal Twins

  • Toolings, Molds, Equipment

  • Prototyping

  • Additive Manufacturing

  • Component Testing, Field Tests

  • Start of Production (SOP)

  • Digitization of Production (Industry 4.0)


Our Core Competencies

Within 10 Steps to Series Production


Here we present typical phases and related project steps that can be passed through partially or as a whole in a development process.



Definition Phase




Series Development

Project Schedule

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