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Unique Competence since 1999

Independent, systematic and transparent,

all tailored for YOUR application.



We know how

More than 20 Years of Experience and Know-how in Multi-Material Lightweight Design in all Major Industrial Branches

In this business we concentrate all activities regarding Experts Knowledge for intelligent lightweight designs, starting at in-depth consultancy, systematic added-value analyses, material and technology selection and production planning up to project management, training and seminars.

EXPERTISE at a Glance

  • Systematic Added-Value and Potential Analyses: Determination of Replacement Potentials of Lightweight Designs

  • Precise Material and Technology Selection

  • Feasibility: Consultancy regarding Technological and Economical Feasibility

  • Research on Application Related State of the Art

  • Production Planning: Planning and Setting Up of Production Facilities

  • Organisation of SOP

  • Time Critical Failure Analyses and Troubleshooting

  • Expertise in Extrajudical Proceedings

  • Project Management

  • Technical Patent Consultancy

  • Business Development

  • Trainings, Seminars


INTELLIGHT® is your independent consultant regarding Multi-Material Lightweight Design. We consistently support you with the initiation and decision-making for successful lightweight projects. This enables you to enhance your business - advantageous for your business and your customers.

Our experts perform researches regarding application related state of the art, feasibility studies and time-critical faulure analyses for you and are available for technical patent consultancy.

We support you to eligibly and interdisciplinary manage your development project. We keep track of the project and organise the teamwork of all partners involved in the development and implemantation process.

With our Systematic Potential Analyses for identifying added values of lightweight measures with new components or existing solutions, we work out together with you how you all can benefit from technical and economical advantages of multi-material lightweight solutions.

Our structured process with the identification of lightweight potentials provides you with a well-founded base for the optimisation of new and also existing products. Whether vehicle construction, mechanical engineering, marine or ocean technology, medical engineering, civil engineering or renewable energy sector: our intensive worhshops open up new perspectives over branches and applications. Here we identify precise improvement potentials on your way to higher efficiency and productivity by Intelligent Lightweight Design.

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