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Joined Forces for You.


Cooperations Make us Stronger -

and a Strong Partner for YOU

The basic understanding of our long-term competence network commitment is to offer you tailor-made solutions for your individual tasks based on a holistic approach.

We do not leave you alone after the design phase and accompany you according to the "theory" competently and reliably with the implementation of development results into practice - from the idea to the series.

In this way, we offer you a complete service package as one-stop contract partner "from a single source".

Your Advantages

  • From the very beginning starting with the quotation phase, you already benefit from the broard competence of all network partners.

  • We manage the whole product design process for you – from A to Z.

  • We guarantee project tranperency from the very beginning: "Who" does "What" and "When" is always transparent to you.

  • ONE SINGLE contact and contractual partner for you.


To realize these broad and outstanding services for our customers, we are active member and also initiator of competence clusters with different focuses. Together with particular partners from these networks, we complement our competences with the skills of others - for the big picture for you.

INTELLIGHT® is an active member in the following competence clusters:


  • PLASTICS NETWORK Rheinland Palatinate

    • THE competence cluster of companies addicted to plastics, composites, lightweight and refinement, mainly from Rheinland Palatinate.

    • Founded in 2001 with INTELLIGHT® as one of the initiators and founding member.




  • Composites United e.V. (CUeV), Devision WEST


INTELLIGHT® -Vortrag beim 53. Arbeitskreistreffen "Kunststoffe in der Pfalz" bei CirComp in Kaiserslautern



INTELLIGHT® trägt am 18.02.2020 beim 53. Arbeitskreistreffen "Kunststoffe in der Pfalz" von KunststoffManagement zum Thema "E-Mobilität und Leichtbau" vor.

Die Veranstaltung wird dieses Mal in Kaiserslautern von der Firma CirComp GmbH vom "Kunststoff-Netzwerk-Rheinalnd-Pfalz" ausgerichtet.

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